Top 5 Best Steam Hair Straightener for Women – Give You Beautiful Hair

Top 5 Best Steam Hair Straightener for Women – Give You Beautiful Hair

Hair straightener seems like one of those essential beauty products that every woman needs to own.

Be it as it may, the actual process of getting one might not be as easy as it sounds.

Indeed, even for those who have been around the blocks with tools for some time, choosing the best steam flat iron can still make them scratch their heads.

Our best steam hair straightener review, would thus, come to you with a helping hand and put you on the right track when it comes to buying one.

Now, let’s delve right into this post, shall we?

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Review Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron

Best Steam Straightener for Women – Quick Comparision

Product image Product name Editor's rating Price
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron 4.9 See latest price
Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron 4.8 See latest price
NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener 4.7 See latest price
KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener 4.6 See latest price
Solofish Salon Grade Ceramic Flat Iron 4.6 See latest price

Reviews of the Best Steam Hair Straightener for Women

#1: INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR CS179 Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

See Latest Price 

If you are on the lookout for a multipurpose hair straightener which can act perfectly as a curling iron at the same time, then definitely do check out this styling tool from CONAIR.

This product is a must-have beauty tool for users who are always on the go and need an all-in-one hair styler.

In terms of operation, this tool is well-equipped with up to 30 heat settings, an extra-large floating plate, delivering the maximum heat of 455°F to satisfy every fancy aesthetic from shiny, big-volume waves to the pin-straight flow of hair.

On top of that, to make sure the purchasers will get the best experiences out of this straightener, CONAIR provides a full line of every possible accessory that you can think of, such as ceramic, double ceramic, tourmaline ceramic, and titanium flat irons.

Therefore, you can go wild with your creativity and come up with the coolest style that you can think of.

However, due to its relatively moderate voltage of 220V, you can experience some snagging in the operation at first.

It might take a few good minutes before the plates fully heat up and are ready to be used.


  • Frizz reduction
  • Maintain optimum heat levels
  • Versatile in use
  • Perfect for all styles


  • Take a while to heat up

#2: Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron

See Latest Price 

Finding the best flat iron with steam for professional uses might mess with people’s heads a lot, for this task requires a styler that can withstand long-winded working shifts and perform at its best potential in any given circumstances.

Unsurprisingly, the Professional Flat Iron from Magicfly has always been in the lead when it comes to the best professional steam flat iron.

Specifically, this product is well-loved for its adjustability in terms of temperature settings, high-tech steam features, and smart design.

Firstly, let’s elaborate more on the wide range of temperatures that this product provides.

It has five levels of heat, which are specifically designed for different hair types.

Particularly, we have 340°F for thin hair, 410°F for thick hair, 300°F for damaged hair, 370°F for normal hair, and 430°F for super thick hair.

That, along with the latest activated steam function, this tool creates an undefeated pack for hair care and recovery from the heat it has endured.

Incorporating modern technology, the brand makes sure the water tank can be easily filled with water or oil-free care substances to add a layer of necessary moisture and gloss to the hair.

Nevertheless, the steam water can spill on the bottom place if the straightener is not held in the right position.

Therefore, it would be best to check for any dripping before use and try to work with it as carefully as possible.



  • Steam water can drip out

#3: NITION Professional Salon Straightener

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When it comes to hair and beauty products, NITION is one of the best professional steam flat iron producers and distributors.

And the NITION straightener has once again affirmed its position on the current market with so many outstanding features.

This item’s unique ability for straightening and curling will also make you look fashionable and younger with a straight hairstyle.

Also, another special thing that attracts the attention of many customers is that it possesses an innovative heating plate with a durable coating.

Moreover, even with the amateurs or the inexperienced in hair styling, it is very convenient to use.

With the auto shut-off feature after an hour of non-use and a built-in temperature sensor, users can use this straightener without worrying about their safety.

After all, we have a tiny complaint of this product that its iron plate is a bit short, which may make some beauty-care lovers find it hard in some instances.


  • A heating plate with a long-lasting coating
  • The excellent auto shut-off feature
  • Reasonable price for its qualities


  • A little short iron plate

#4: KIPOZI Professional Straightener

See Latest Price 

Another item on our best steam flat iron hair straightener recommendation list is the Titanium Flat Iron Straightener from the KIPOZI brand.

This straightener features digital LCD and maximum temperature setting function, so users can easily see and adjust the heat.

What’s more, the KIPOZI straightener is unrivaled in its consistent heating ability.

With both of the plates made of unique titanium, it allows for optimal temperature across the whole plate and especially comes in handy when you straighten your hair or add some curls or flips.

Even better, the KIPOZI brand has indeed kept in mind the safety of their customers when they equipped this item with a safety temp reduction feature and auto shut-down feature after an-hour of non-use.

Also, it comes with a duty swivel power cord that’s very convenient.

Unfortunately, one of the complaints about this  KIPOZI straightener comes from its power cord.

It looks a bit poor in quality, so it’s likely to fail to withstand the constant tear and wear, especially in the damp environment.



  • Power cord easily subject to tear and wear

#5: Solofish Salon Grade Ceramic Flat Iron

See Latest Price 

The Solofish Ceramic Flat Iron is equipped with anti-static technology and titanium-coated plates capable of heating up quickly.

With this straightener, beauty-lovers don’t have to struggle to straighten and shape their hair yet still get surprisingly silky and neat hair.

Featuring an LCD screen with digital temperature controls, this straightener helps users select the suitable temp range for their hair, from 300°F to 450°F.

Its steam releasing feature with three modes is also a plus point, since it can penetrate your hair and moisture it, and reduce high-temperature damage.

Moreover, the Solofish Ceramic Flat Iron has received CE&ROHS certification regarding its auto shut-off feature for user safety.

Besides, this straightener comes with a pair of heat resistant gloves, which is making it the best ceramic steam flat iron among other same-class products.

Finally, the downside of this straightener model is that the steam feature is not up to par for those with long, thick hair.

Sometimes it doesn’t produce sufficient steam, which is a bit uncomfortable.


  • Anti-static technology and titanium coated plates
  • An LCD screen with digital temperature controls
  • CE&ROHS certification regarding safety features


  • Unsuitable for those with long thick hair

Buying Guide for a top steam flat iron

Before jumping right into getting the straightener that you need, you might want to check this buying guide first!

This part includes some necessary factors that you’d better consider in order to choose the most suitable and good-quality iron for yourself.

Let’s check them out:

Plate Size and Materials

The plate size is the first thing you would need to consider here.

If you are a busy adult who works more than eight hours a day, five days a week, we bet that you do not have much time left for hair-styling! In this case, a straightener with wider plates can help a lot.

A wide-plate iron could also help with thicker hair.

You will be surprised at how fast a large iron can straighten your hair out compared to a smaller styling one!

However, steam flat irons with small plates are much easier to be used for styling.

Waving or curling stuff would be done better with a thinner straightener!

Besides, like any other regular flat irons, the plate materials appear to matter a lot on your straightening result.

We would all expect some types of stuff that won’t snag our hair badly.

Some wise choices for iron’s plates here are ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium.

Temperature Settings

Mostly all the flat steam iron on the market have temperature settings.

It is because each hair’s conditions require different straightening temperatures.

If your hair is natural, you might not need lots of heat.

On the other hand, processed hair often needs a lower temp not to fall off your head.

Besides your hair’s health, you should also choose the temperature settings based on the hair type.

The highest heat possible is not always the best choice, although it does its job in the shortest amount of time!

One more thing that we prefer is the quick heat-up features from the latest hair straightener models.

Some of them require less than 60 seconds to get ready!

Believe us or not, but fast heating units would save you a lot of time in your busy daily routine!

Water Reservoir & Steam Vents

The water vapor is what set it apart from regular irons! The steam will speed up the process with just haft the time used for regular units but still give you a good result of soft and healthy hair.

Of course, in a steam straightener, there will be some sort of liquid reservoir.

You will need to fill it with water in order to create steam.

So, a unit that is easier to refill will save you a lot of time and effort!

Along with the water storage, there are vapor vents to release the steam out and moisturize your hair.

In most steam irons, steam-release vents are placed within the plates to make it easier and safer for uses.

Design & Ease of Use

Because you will need to turn and twist your steam straightener multiple times during the process, you’d better make sure that the cord won’t get wrapped too!

A straightener with appropriate cord length will reduce the cordlike troublesome or potential danger with electricity.

One more exciting feature that we have been loving recently is the floating plates.

What do we mean by floating plates” here? It is that your iron plates are no longer fixed on the handle, but now it can move and turn around along your twists! No more troublesome electric cords mess!

The automatic temperature lock is also an interesting safety feature.

It works by stopping the iron from suddenly changing temperature and damage your hair.

But its main task is to automatically turn off the steam straightener when not in use to prevent hazards.

User Instruction Manual

Although each steam straightener might come in different designs and features, they share the same basic user manual.

We will talk quickly about it here, and we not recommend you skip the product’s user instruction manual even though you have read this.

Firstly, start with your hair cleaned, dried, and untangled.

If you do not have time to dry it completely, at least make it mostly dry so that the straightener could do its job.

Besides, it’s best to have some sort of heat protectant sprays or oil on your hair to prevent damage.

The next step is to add clean water to the steam reservoir specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now plug in your steam straightener and turn the vapor settings on to start releasing steam.

Remember to select the right steam level and temperature for your hair.

Now, clamp your hair between the plates, slowly and firmly move the straightener down towards its end.

A common mistake here is not putting enough pressure onto the straightener, thus reducing the straightening effect.

Your job now is to continue working with small sections until your hair is all smooth and straight.

Don’t forget to turn it off after use!

Using Tips

Now you already have the user manual and some helpful buying guides, what else do you need to make sure that your hair will eventually look smooth and healthy?

Some tips below will help you protect not only your hair, but also your straightener and save you time and effort:

  • Remember, a heat protectant spray will protect your hair from damage whenever you use a hot styling tool.
  • Never forget to comb your hair before straightening.

It will prevent the built-in combs or knotted hair from snagging and avoid the risk of hair breakage.

  • If you can, use distilled water instead of minerals water (which is your daily drinking water) to keep the small minerals from clogging the vent holes.

This will help your straightener last longer and increase its performance.

  • A dry or dampened cloth can be used to clean the bristles, but don’t do it when the iron is still plugged in.

The water reservoir can be cleaned only by the cotton swabs.

  • After every use, don’t forget to remove all the hair stuck and water drops on the bristles.
  • Even when you are not using the steam tool, keep water inside the reservoir to prevent the wick from drying out.

A poorly dried wick limits the vapor formation and basically killing your time.


Are steam straighteners good for your hair? How often should I steam?

We can’t say that straighteners using heat to straighten is completely good for your hair.

There is still damage in the process.

But the steam helps improve the performance of straighteners a lot.

Steam straighteners are fast and safe to use on a daily basis.

Are steam straighteners better than regular straighteners? Is steam better for your hair than heat?

A regular flat iron means that two heated metal plates are used to straighten your hair.

The hot plates, pressure, and downward forces are what keep your hair straight in this case.

Otherwise, a flat steam iron infuses moisture into your hair, thus straightening it without removing any natural oils or moisture.

It is much better to use a steam hair straightener to keep your hair from becoming all dry and brittle for repeated use!

Does steam damage hair?

Steam is basically water vapor, so it should be harmless to hair or even skin.

But your hair can still suffer from the heat of the steam.

That is why you need to use hair protectants when playing with hot styling tools!

Can you use a steam straightener on wet hair?

We have talked about this before: at least mostly dry.

Why so?

We can blow-dry our wet hair, so why not use a steam straightener directly on it?

It’s simple: A straightener applies heat to your hair directly at a much higher temperature than a blow-dryer.

Wet hair will quickly heat up to that temperature and possibly burn or break down!

Can I use a hair straightener without serum?

Yes, absolutely.

If you plan to apply hair serum before ironing, remember to pick the non-oil types to avoid accidentally burning your hair!

The right serum will add a protective layer to your hair to prevent it from heat damage.


Our best steam hair straightener review has finally come to an end.

We hope that with this post, we have somehow got you out of a tight spot and made the whole process a little bit more digestible for you.

As you may know, choosing a “best” hair straightener can be very subjective and depends largely on the type of hair that you are naturally born with.

Therefore, it would be best if you figured out exactly your hair type at first and then, seek out a tool to complement it.

All in all, I wish you luck on your own journey and remember to stay tuned for our future review!

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