Quick Review Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron

Quick Review Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron


Straight hair always provokes a sense of pureness, grace, and gentleness.

Given that fact, long straight, smooth hair has always been the dream of women throughout history.

As a result, the curling iron products are most sought-for among women’s products’ categories.

Recently, Magicfly Curling Iron’s popularity is rising because of its affordable price and excellent quality.

Let’s review Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron to give you further insights and decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron

“My daughter feels so great after using the iron that she plays with her hair all day”

Product highlights:

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE for Salon-Quality Result
  • SMART DESIGN & Complete Styling Accessories

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Review on Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron – All you need to know

About Magicfly

Magicfly is a worldwide brand that specializes in manufacturing household products.

According to the company, “Magic” from their name doesn’t mention the typical, so-called wizardry, but to describe their sole purpose: makes life full of surprise and wonder by transforming the mediocre household products into innovative, creative appliances.

Meanwhile, “Fly” mentions the dream of happiness, freedom, and creativity.

Furthermore, the design concept of Magicfly is to “marry the minimal, modern design to graceful decoration line.” Hence, they dream of putting a lively vibe into daily products.

What is Magicfly Flat Curling Iron?

The Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron is an electric hair styling tool that contains a specific ceramic plate and a powerful motor.

The thick ceramic plate protects hair from steel heaters while the motor supports raising the heat to the desired temperature.

This wonderful product uses steam from a water tank to moisturize hair while styling, which differs from the traditional ironing method that uses moist directly from the hair.

Compared to other products on the market, the Magicfly model is cheaper and easier to use.

Which features does a Magicfly Hair Curling Iron have? 

Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron

Magicfly Flat Curling Iron is the steam iron with a 1.5 inches ceramic plate used in hair styling.

One great thing about the ceramic plate is that it will protect your fragile hairs from direct heat and fasten the curling process.

Moreover, the heating ranges from 300oF to 430oF, which is quite large, making it flexible for all kinds of hair.

Just plug in the machine, and you will have straight, smooth, long hair that you have dreamed of in a blink of an eye.

What makes it unique?

This curling iron, also known as straightening hair tool, applies the Vapor Infusion Technology to provide hot, robust curls to your hair.

Differentiating from old models that used hair’s moisture to straighten, the new Magicfly product uses the mist from built-in steam water vapors to affect the hair’s nature.

Given that fact, it is healthier for your hair because overheating is prevented.

No need to worry about your hair getting damaged anymore!

With the powerful motor and the ability to reach the “melting” heat, this Magicfly curling iron can shape hair curls and design them into a perfect “mold”.

That being said, the machine can be applied in many different styling purposes.

Furthermore, it has a LED monitor to inform users of the current temperature, so it’s impossible to burn your hairs because of not keeping track, right?

Another great feature to mention is the 360-degree swivel cord.

You don’t have to untwist the knot of electric cables, so the time wasted for hair styling is shorter!

Why do you need this item in your home?

Review Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron

These days, the appearance is becoming more and more prioritized for both genders.

When applying for jobs, having a date night, or going to the office, people feel a responsibility to dress “appropriately” and “well-put” so that they can be judged as a “good” person, a “professional” worker.

For women, how they dress, and most importantly, their hairstyling is even more essential because of many stereotypes about appearances they have to follow.

However, not everyone can come to the hair salon regularly.

Getting your hair styled by a professional takes tons of time and money.

What if the result comes out not as you expected? Is it worth paying too much for the salon and hoping that your hair is more “proper”? The answer is: No, it isn’t worth it.

Hence, styling your hair at home, by yourself is a great alternative instead.

Buying some hair styling tools like this Magicfly Curling Iron not only economizes the significant hairstyling cost for you but also provides you quality time chilling and caring for your body.

Then, why not buy this versatile product to get your hair done without hurting your wallet, right?

How to use the Magicfly Curling Iron? 

This product is designed to use steam extracted through the tank for moisturizing, so the steps required to activate the machine are quite different from the conventional way.

  • First, fully fill the water tank and install it inside the curling iron.
  • Then, plug in the electric cord and switch on the steam mode.
  • Start styling the hair.
  • With the proper temperature and steam, your hair will be incredibly smooth, straight, and moist.

Is the Magicfly Flat Curling Iron expensive?

Despite its revolutionized features, this item is sold with a reliable and affordable price.

With around 40 dollars, you can bring a Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Fat Curling Iron home.

In fact, it costs you less than the fee of a trip to a hair salon, but instead of cluelessly crossing your fingers for the hair to be perfect, you are the one in charge of everything, so whatever you want, you can do it!

What is attached in the Magicfly hair styling kit? 

Another great customer service from Magicfly is that some useful accessories are coming with the iron so that users don’t need to pay an extra fee for a full hairstyling kit.

Attached to the flat curling iron is a pair of gloves to protect your sensitive hands from being overheated, a particular long thin comb used in professional salons for post-heating, two small hair clips to divide your hair into small parts to style more comfortably, and a pocket to store the tank.

With all these attachments above, styling your hair with Magicfly Iron is so rapid, convenient, safe, and joyful than ever.

Which feedback do customers raise towards the product?

To understand deeply about a product, scanning through its catalog isn’t enough.

You must check out feedback from previous customers as well.

Scrolling through the comment section, we can find out that an Amazon user happily shared that her daughter feels so great after using the iron that she plays with her hair all day.

Besides, another Amazon buyer commented that this Magicfly product made her hair straight, but not lack the liveliness.

She also put this hair iron on the top-rated because it saved a lot of time compared to her old straightener.

There is a buyer who commented on Amazon that this iron was so worth buying.

She tried to search for an iron that could help her style the thick, wavy hair faster, but all her previous items consumed a large amount of time.

This steam iron could cut her hair styling time from 45 minutes to just 30 minutes.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron is on the top-rated hair products because its influence is significant, fast, long-lasting with a reliable price.

Hope today’s Review Magicfly Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Curling Iron supplies you with helpful insights on your flat curling iron shopping experience.

Thank you for reading!

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